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In any work you do, whether you are a leader in sales or operations, sports or the performing arts – you need confidence.  The 7 Keys will guide you in the complex process of presenting yourself and your work.  Applying The 7 Keys will distinguish you from the competition.

Become relevant and competitive

With The 7 Keys, stay relevant, competitive and Authentically Confident.

Purpose – why you do what you do
Passion – the animating force that propels people into action
Preparation – get ready
Partnering – working together to create value
Practice – the path to mastery
Poise – dignity and grace amidst the unexpected
Presentation – telling your story, getting real and closing the deal

As you pursue goals, Authentic Confidence mobilizes you to take risks, overcome obstacles and to stay – stay in relationship, stay in the game, stay on course, stay true to you.

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What people are saying about Authentic Confidence

“Just read Authentic Confidence. It’s great. People from all walks of life can gain something from this book, not just businesspeople.”

“If you’re a leader, this should be required reading for your entire team. If you’re a parent, please buy one for each of your children.”

“Practical, thoughtful and powerful insights on getting the things that are most important to us, be it a new job, a new relationship or selling an idea.  These 7 Keys are essential to differentiating yourself in today’s crowded market place.”


“Authentic Confidence truly lives up to its name!  An invaluable tool in unlocking the abilities within!”

American idol

This book is a not only a great asset but a secret weapon containing Inspirational and practical tips for anyone and everyone wanting to propel themselves forward. Whatever field you are in: from the banking business to show business, Marc’s book will give you that added edge. Read it before an interview – or an audition.

Jeffrey Hollender

“Being at our best and becoming who we most want to be are some of the most important challenges we face every day. I just finished reading, Authentic Confidence – The 7 Keys by Marc Vahanian. If there was one book I could recommend to every business associate I know – this would be it. The 7 Keys presents a transformational pathway to quickly produce meaningful results, even in the most difficult situations. Go out and get a copy today!”

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  • we respect your privacy, your email will not be shared
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